Sunday, October 14, 2012


Last week I got an email from a teacher on our Responsive Classroom Committee. They had come up with some ideas they wanted to share with our support staff to assist them as they work with our students. My sweet principal told them that I was pretty good at jazzing things up, and they might want to ask me if I'd be willing to create something for them.

I have scads of homework this weekend, so OF COURSE!

I am still figuring Photoshop out and am by no means a whiz, but here is a little sneak peek at what I created!

There are 18 different cards to be laminated, hole punched, and carried on a ring for easy access. Some are attention getters, a few hallway helpers, and then a couple of cards about "I" messages.  
After I finished, I decided I would post them on Teachers Pay Teachers. I've been lurking there long enough I figured I ought to give it a try.  Ironically though, I have decided to make everything I post a freebie for a few reasons: 1) I know I will need to work on the quality of my products (A LOT), but everyone has to start somewhere, right? 2) Buying licenses for clip art is quite an investment and I don't want to get in over my head just to fizzle out. 3) My stuff may turn out to be junk that no one wants to buy. A very possibly reality. 
Just getting it all ready, uploaded, and set up was huge undertaking. I have a renewed respect for those amazing TpT sellers like Deanna Jump, Cara Carroll, Amy Lemons, Rachel Lynette, just to name a few. Rock Stars - all of them!  
Anyway, I hope you'll check out my little freebie and give it 5 stars.  Just click the sample above or here to download my first freebie on TpT!

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