Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How I Roll

It has been a little crazy around here lately. I was home with a sick baby last week and I was sick on Monday. 

Nothing irritates me more than when I am home sick and too sick to do anything around the house. Of course, if I were well enough to do housework, I should be at work. And if I were home sick, but well enough to do any house work, I wouldn't want to do it. That's how I roll.

Between naps and Kathy Griffin Specials on Netflix, I did manage to put together a short reader for Veteran's Day.  There isn't much out there in terms of quality literature for young kids, especially on short notice, which is also how I roll.

You can download the Veteran's Day Reader in my TpT store by clicking HERE or on the cover below!

 Clipart & font courtesy DJ Inkers
With a few minutes left on my lunch, I thought I could go ahead and post this book. It's nothing stellar or extraordinary, but it is a short little reader you can share with your little readers! I'm sure I'll be copying this bad boy last minute for my own classes. I put the PRO in procrastinator. 
Happy Wednesday!