Friday, October 12, 2012

Amelia's Notebook: Kindergarten Writing Kick-Off

I don't know if a day has gone by where I haven't had quite a bit of fun at work.  But the past two days have been filled with joy, in both experience and watching it in others. 

Last month, when I was planning with the kindergarten team, super star team leader, Lacey B, asked if I would help them do a big writing kick-off.

Yes, please.

My original plan was to wear my cap and gown and talk about how they were graduating into the world of authors, play famous notes of Pomp & Circumstance, and hand them their journal.

Nap time, anyone? 

Lacey mentioned using Amelia's Notebook, by Marissa Moss, which actually looks like a real composition notebook.

Sometimes, all a person needs is a little bit of inspiration, right? Thank you, Lacey and thank you, Marissa Moss.

As the kids came in and sat down on the carpet, the teacher and I feigned this whole conversation about how I didn't know they were coming and I had nothing planned for them to do. I suddenly remembered that I received a package that I wasn't expecting and maybe they could help me figure out what is was and who it was from.

So I grunted and groaned (not nearly as disturbing as it reads) as I drug this giant box out of my office. (Not as disturbing as the fact I need a comb and some Spanx.)
I opened it, threw a little paper in the floor and pulled out Amelia's Notebook. We finally decided that even though it belonged to someone else, we should look inside.

I ooohed and ahhhhhed over what an amazing author she was and how she used pictures and words to tell stories from her life. 

Without fail, one of the kids yelled, "WHAT ELSE IS IN THE BOX?"

Next, I pulled out a giant letter. To me from - drum roll, please...AMELIA!

I reread the "special gift" part and dove box back into the box.

Lo and behold, a notebook, just like Amelia's, only this one had a different name on it.

A collective gasp from the kids. Aidan said, "That's me!"

"Wait, are you a new author?"


The kids clapped and he hung onto that notebook like his life depended on it. 

As I continued to pull out notebook after notebook, they kids cheered and clapped for each new author as their name was called.

Then, I asked them to check inside and see what stories Amelia wrote for them. Disappointingly, the kids said the notebooks were empty.

"Wow, why do you think she sent you a blank notebook?"

"Because we gotta put our stories inside!"

More cheering and clapping.

Then I noticed that Amelia's notebook had stickers and was decorated so nicely.

"Hey, I've got some stickers. Would you like to decorate your notebooks, just like Amelia?"

Yes, please.

Of course, I don't have any pictures of journals without sweet little faces attached. Hopefully, I'll sneak down to snap a few photos next week, so you can see their masterpieces. Even more so, I can't wait to see what brilliant stories those beautiful, joyful, curious minds create and share those as well!

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  1. That is so awesome!!!

    I saw that one of the 5th graders had a book called Amelia's Middle School Notebook.